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Project Outputs available

In Outputs section of the website you can find the five Reports and Booklet on Benchmarking Best Practices on social housing. The Reports are tackling: “Self-building/Self-renovation”; “Social Housing and new housing needs”; “Social/Estate Manager”; “A good urban development practice”; “A New Housing welfare”. The Instructions Booklet includes assessments on if and how the Best Practices […]

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A Memorandum of Understanding for a European network on Social Housing

In the project’s last international meeting held in Rome the 25th of June 2014, the partners agreed on the  Memorandum of Understanding to promote a European network of public, private bodies and Ngos, on Social Housing. The Network will: – Support the diffusion of a new approach to housing, – Involve European institutions (European Parliament […]

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Conclusive meeting of the Project “La casa: bene e servizio”

The conclusive meeting of the project “ La casa: bene e servizio” has been held in Rome as scheduled, and was highly acclaimed both by the partners involved and the Internal Affair who supported it.  The meeting ended with the intentions of continuing the sharing of good practices in the field of Social Housing. The […]

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Project’s Output

Following the international meetings, five Benchmarking Reports on Best practice Housing models were produced. The reports are tackling “Social Housing and new housing needs”, “Social/Estate manager, “A good urban development practice , self builing /self renovation and are available online in output section, where a desk research on Social Housing in Europe and country reports […]

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Final meeting in Rome

SHGP Project Final meeting will take place in Rome on the 25th 26th of May 2014. The partners will meet up on the afternoon of 25th at the Regione Umbria Umbria’s offices in Rome to sign a Joint Protocol for the diffusion of the best practices. The next day the partners will all take part […]

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International Meeting “A Urban development and housing good practice”

“A Urban development and housing good practice” meeting  has taken place on the 8th and 9th of May in Offenbach, a City with a ten-year experience of carrying out a global policy of improving housing and living conditions in an area with a high percentage of immigrants. Please find the presentations of the past and […]

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Offenbach’s International Meeting

Please notice that the only change in the Offenbach meeting agenda is the meeting venue: the partnership will meet up at the Ostpol Gründercampus Offenbach, Hermann-Steinhäuser-Straße 43-47 instead of the Kreativhaus, Alte IHK, Atelier Öztürk.

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A Urban development and housing Good Practice

The Offenbach “A Urban development and housing good practice” meeting will take place on the 8th and 9th of May 2014 at the Kreativhaus“, Alte IHK, Atelier Öztürk. The meeting agenda includes among other things a debate on the City of Offenbach’s strategies and policies, the presentation of an innovative project targeting students, artists and […]

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