A Memorandum of Understanding for a European network on Social Housing

Pubblicato il 14 luglio 2014 - nessun commento

In the project’s last international meeting held in Rome the 25th of June 2014, the partners agreed on the  Memorandum of Understanding to promote a European network of public, private bodies and Ngos, on Social Housing.

The Network will:

– Support the diffusion of a new approach to housing,

– Involve European institutions (European Parliament and Commission),

– Have a representative named within the Cecodhas to ensure that social housing is adequately represented at a European level as is the traditional building sector,

– Support the inclusion of “decent-housing in response to poverty and marginalization” within the European CBPs on integration.

The Memorandum in available in Italian and English.

For those interested please contact; 081/299944


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