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Managing models of Social Housing

The Barcellona meeting on Managing models of Social Housing was held at the Casal de Barri Pou de la Figuera. Giordana Ferri of the Fondazione Housing Sociale, Sebastian Jornet by ETSAB, Raul Olesa of Sostre Civic, Eduardo Gutierrez Sanz of Provivienda, Matthias Schulze Boing e Markus Schenk of the City of Offenbach, Reyes Castillo e […]

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Barcelona meeting’s documentation

You can now find online the two documents we will discuss in our meeting in Barcelona: a paper on Social Housing and the Good Practices implemented by the project’s partners (Download) and an informative note on the role and duties of the Social Manager (download).

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Managing models of Social Housing

The International meeting in Barcelona on roles and responsibility of the Social Housing Manager on the 13th and 14th March 2014 is confirmed. Social housing is responding to the change of finding innovative housing management practices successfully combining social community and buildings. Giordana Ferri, Fondazione Housing Sociale, will introduce the partners to roles and responsibility […]

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Meeting in Bruxelles on Social Housing problems

The 30th and 31st of January 2014 International Meeting on Social Housing has taken place. As planned, during the meeting a number Best practices on social housing mediation in renting were analysed and discussed. After the meeting with Mrs Concetta Cultrera (European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs – inclusion/coesion) and Mrs Alice Pittini (Cecodhas) the […]

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A European Policy for Social Housing?

The scheduled meeting on Social Housing will take place on the 30 and 31st of January in Brussels. The delegation will meet at the Representation of the Region of Umbria in Rond Point Schuman 14, with representatives of European Commission and Cecodhas. The meeting will focus on the socio-economic role of social housing and the […]

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The importance of sharing good practices

“Sharing is not easy, but it’s fundamental to be able to activate successful paths and initiatives, and mainly it is important to meet, confront, discuss and interact with other European actors that share our same issues”. This is part of the opening speech of Maria Assunta Rosa, Office Chief of the Vice Prefect at the […]

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International meeting on Social Housing’s best practices

The International Meeting on Social Housing on the 30th and 31st of January is confirmed. Our goal is to deepen knowledge about new ways of living in and sharing common spaces, and to share co-housing practices in order to help the weakest segment of the European population. Meetings with officers of the European Commission and […]

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Self building? It can be done!

Following the international meeting in Naples, it is clear that the often marginal self building practice should be more promoted. During the two day meeting the partners have shared information and discussed Best practices implemented in Italy (Campania and Umbria) and across Europe, as in Poland, an experience in many ways similar to the Italian […]

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Forthcoming Seminar on Self-building and Self-restoration

In the SHGP kick off meeting of November 14th 2013, the partners have set the date for the First International Seminar on Self-building and Self-restoration. The Seminar, to be held in Naples on 12/13 December 2013, will focus on solutions to the emerging housing needs widespread in Europe, and more severe in some parts than […]

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SHGP – kick off meeting

Kick off meeting of November 14th 2013, Naples, Sala Bobbio Palazzo San Giacomo. The meeting will focus on the exchange of best pratices in the social housing sector. The project is financed by FEI Funds, Alisei Coop is applicant organisation and Cidis Onlus partner. The meeting will be attended by NGOs, Local administrations, Universities, etc. […]

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